Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FN FS2000 - The world's most advanced bullpup carbine.

We just recieved a few more FN FS2000 bullpups, FN's pinnacle of compact, assault-style rifle technology. The 5.56 bullpup concept has never been so throughly refined. From the fully-ambidextrous, no-modification operation, a first in bullpup rifles, with the forward ejection chute, and the intergated iron sights and optic rail, the modular design clean gas-piston operation, and this is the bullpup to beat.
We've got two FS2000s in black in stock, New In Box with 30rd magazine and if you can beat the walk-in customers to them at $2199, you'll have the privilege of owning the finest 5.56 bullpup made anywhere in the world. Don't miss out!


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Wall of Brommeland Holsters!

It's the main attraction at Coal Creek Armory: our newly established Wall of Brommeland Holsters.

From one to many...

We've tested many different designs, and firmly beleive that Gary Brommeland makes the best IWB holster made, the Max-Con-V. We've tested them, worn them(we're wearing them now), and we're every bit as happy as our satisfied holster customers are. We've got 1911, XD, SIG, Glock, Kahr, and other models in stock right now.

We've got over 30 Brommeland holsters in stock for immediate delivery right now - As the sole retail stocking outlet for this fine, handmade leather, we keep a rolling backorder at all time to ensure a steady supply of Brommeland Max-Con V and Def-Con holsters. The wait time for a handcrafted holster is worth it, but you now have the chance to pick one up, with no wait at all.


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SIG 556 Carbines BACK IN STOCK - Limited supply.

We've just gotten a few more SIGARMS 556 Carbines back in stock - brand new, and priced to go. $1199 gets you the latest generation of the SIG 550 series, with updated ergonomics. Each Sig 556 has nothing but the very best in constuction materials and design, from the cold hammer-forged, 1/7 twist, 16" lightweight profile barrel, to the impact resistant polymer furniture, including the SIG TriRail forend system. The upper reciever, including the 1913 spec Picatinny rail, is carbon steel, not malleable aluminum, for longevity and durability. The two-stage trigger is very slick, and the safety is ambidextrous. The Gas system is fully adjustable for different loadings, and runs far cleaner than a standard Direct Impingment gun.

Get in on this batch while they're in stock - they won't last long.

Edit: only one left!


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