Friday, January 25, 2008

HB702, and the Tennessee Restaurant Association Boycott

HB702 stands a decent chance of passing this time around in the state legislature. The bill would allow licensed Handgun Carry Permit holder to legally carry their firearms into businesses that serve alcohol for consumption on premises, as long as they were not drinking. The Tennessee Restaurant Association, which counts most TN restaurants among their membership, is lobbying our representatives to squash HB702. The only way to get the attention of the TRA-affiliated restaurants fighting this bill, is to hit their bottom line. Boycott TRA restaurants, and let them know why!

What you can do:

* Call your Rep. Let them know you want them to vote for HB702. Do it today.

* Call and write local TRA officials, letting them know that your right to self defense is just as important inside their restaurant as outside, and that their decision to will cost them your business, and that of anyone else you can inform. These people are the local leadership of the TRA, and contacting them to let thgem know that they are making a grave mistake is vital to success.

TRA Officers:

Jeff Messinger, Chairman Mt. Vernon 3535 Broad St. Chattanooga, TN 37409

Mike Connor Vice-Chairman Connor Concpet 10911 Turkey Dr Knoxville, TN 37934

Clark Shaw, Secretary/Treasurer Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store Casey Jones Village Jackson, TN 38305

TRA Directors

District 1 (Middle)

Michael King Monell’s Dining 1235 6th Ave North Nashville, TN 37208

J P Mayton Mayton’s Catering 3057 Boulder Park Drive Nashville, TN 37214

Randy Rayburn Sunset Grill 2001 Belcourt Ave. Nashville, TN 37212

Tim Ness Cool Cafe 1110 Hillsboro Rd Franklin, TN 37064

District 2 (East)

Mike Connor The Chop House 10911 Turkey Dr Knoxville, TN 37922

Bob Parks Fazoli’s 100 Adams Lane #A Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Don Anderson Mulligans 8923 Linksvue Dr Knoxville, TN 37922

District 3 (Southeast)

Jeff Messinger Mt. Vernon 3535 Broad Street Chattanooga, TN 37409

Jim Farrar Town & Country Rest. 110 North Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37405

Evelyn Seagle Eidson Restaurant 5308 Ringgold Road Chattanooga, TN 37412

District 4 (West)

Frank Grisanti Frank Grisanti’s Italian Restaurant 1022 Shady Grove Road Memphis, TN 38119

George Falls Paulette’s/Threes Oaks 2110 Madison Ave. Memphis, TN 38104

Jeremy Feinstone Boscos Brewing Co. 2104-2 Overton Sq. Memphis, TN 38104

District 5 (Mid-West)

T. Clark Shaw Brooks Shaw Old Country Store Casey Jones VillageJackson, TN 38305

Steve McDaniel The Cotton Patch PO Box 129 Wildersville, TN 38388

District 6 (Northeast)

Ben Garrison House of Ribs 3100 North Roan Street Johnson City, TN 38601

Kathy Taylor Captain’s Table 2285 Highway 321 Hampton, TN 37658

Ted Tipton Lakeshore Marina 2285 Highway 321 Hampton, TN 37685

* Call your local favorite restaurant, and ask them if they are TRA members. This is really the only way you'll know without seeing their logo, as TRA will not share their membership list, even restaurant names. Let them know that their membership in the TRA has cost them the next several meals you would have purchased. If you can speak to a manager or owner, do so.

* Let others know, and make the calls - 20 calls in the space of one day to a single restaurant would be very hard to ignore. Even if the boycott doesn't immediately hit their bottom line for millions of dollars, focused attention on their attempt to disarm restaurant goers WILL. If you have a favorite blogger, media personality, or sympathetic public forum that will hear, share the news, and send a clear message to the TRA membership and leadership both.

Coal Creek Armory will be at the forefront of the boycott - we will be creating a listing of TRA-associated restaurants as well as contact information for the owners/managers who will be taking the heat - and the financial hit- for the TRA's legislative action.

Watch this space for updates. Questions, or comments, contact Boycott Management.

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