Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wall of Brommeland Holsters!

It's the main attraction at Coal Creek Armory: our newly established Wall of Brommeland Holsters.

From one to many...

We've tested many different designs, and firmly beleive that Gary Brommeland makes the best IWB holster made, the Max-Con-V. We've tested them, worn them(we're wearing them now), and we're every bit as happy as our satisfied holster customers are. We've got 1911, XD, SIG, Glock, Kahr, and other models in stock right now.

We've got over 30 Brommeland holsters in stock for immediate delivery right now - As the sole retail stocking outlet for this fine, handmade leather, we keep a rolling backorder at all time to ensure a steady supply of Brommeland Max-Con V and Def-Con holsters. The wait time for a handcrafted holster is worth it, but you now have the chance to pick one up, with no wait at all.


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