Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FN FS2000 - The world's most advanced bullpup carbine.

We just recieved a few more FN FS2000 bullpups, FN's pinnacle of compact, assault-style rifle technology. The 5.56 bullpup concept has never been so throughly refined. From the fully-ambidextrous, no-modification operation, a first in bullpup rifles, with the forward ejection chute, and the intergated iron sights and optic rail, the modular design clean gas-piston operation, and this is the bullpup to beat.
We've got two FS2000s in black in stock, New In Box with 30rd magazine and if you can beat the walk-in customers to them at $2199, you'll have the privilege of owning the finest 5.56 bullpup made anywhere in the world. Don't miss out!


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