Friday, August 03, 2007

Ultra-Rare ASP 9mm Special Edition - 100 of 100

The ASP. Every so often, a rare, unusual, or even uniquely irreplaceable firearm appears on a customer's horizon. This is one of those times. This pistol is one of the rarest, most unlikely collectibles to ever cross our doors.

The ASP 9mm pistol is one of the very first fully custom pistols to be made available, decades ago, when autopistol choices were nigh set in stone. Developed at the behest of US Government for use by secret Govt. operatives, the ASP was not merely a customized stock firearm, but a complete reworking and rebuilding, to the point where the original stock pistol only just barely resembles the finished, highly tuned product. With over 286 different modifications to the original gun, from reducing and reshaping, slide, frame, barrel, a new solid unbreakable bushing, Lexan Grips, skeltonized, shortened magazines, Teflon-S coating, and the revolutionary Guttersnipe sight, the ASP was - and is - like nothing else ever seen in pistols. It was the preferred sidearm of James Bond for 11 sequential books, an excellent choice, as the ASP was developed and handbuilt especially for covert operatives - essentially, spies.

Less than 300 were ever made by Armament Systems and Procedures , and they had only one special edition - "The Quest For Excellence" edition was a run of 100 pistols. These pistols were even further enhanced with features like the discreet Book case, Asian Buffalo Horn grips inset with Lexan windows, and the matching, sequentially numbered Knife and Lapel pin, both engraved, as was the slide of the pistol itself, with the series number.

In this case, that number is #100, of 100 total pistols. This is the last one, still new in the box, and unfired since the factory finished lovingly tuning it. The ASP has not been made in over 25 years, so you're not likely to ever see this one again. You can view the full details, and more pictures of this fine set at our website, If you hesitate, this one will be gone.

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