Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two new carry guns from SIG.

Now arriving are two of SIGArms newest offerings: The GSR Carry and the P-220 Carry, both offering .45ACP power in a more portable package.

The GSR (Granite State Revolution) Carry is a Commander-sized variant of the wildly popular GSR, SIG's successful entry into the booming 1911 market.

The P-220 Carry is for those who like the modern functionality of SIG's P-series autos, but are looking for .45 punch in a carryable package.

These new pistols from SIG are sure to be hot sellers. Come down and check them out today!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


We just got a HUGE restock shipment of possibly
the best ammo on the planet!


In 10mm and the highly anticipated 45acp!

Come in today and see for yourself why so many
serious shooters are putting their reputation on the line with this ammo!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

SHHH! Quiet. More New Gemtech Silencers Are IN!

Lineup of new sound suppressor designs are incredible - We just received the first batch of Gemtech SFN-57s, Blacksides, G5s, and of course, many more Outback IIs - the hottest little .22LR silencer to date.

Frst up was the light and compact Gemtech G5, the last word in a QD .223/5.56 Silencer. The simple and rugged Gemtech Quik-Mount mounting system, integral to an effective Phantom Flashider, makes attachment and removal take under a second.

No tools, no external threads or ratcheting teeth, no tiny springs or washers, just push and twist, and it's on. The silncer adds a mere 5.5 inches over all to any 5.56 weapons platform - and exceeds SOCOM requirements for sound suppression.

Now THAT's a compact 5.56 Silencer.
Mounted on the end of this 16" carbine,
the minor weight difference was negligible,
and still very manuverable.

The Gemtech SFN-57 and a Jarvis threaded barrel is the perfect compliment to the FN FivenSeveN Pistol - the only thing better than this high velocity, high capacity and low recoil pistol, is a much quieter one. Super light and handy, Factory sights clear the silencer body with no trouble, and the fit is drop-in, no permenant modification requiet to hush the 5.7x28 screamer to a "pop". Shooters who want a practical pest control pistol, and fans of Splinter Cell alike will apreciate the SFN-57 on their FiveSeveN.

The ultimate accessory for your FN Pistol.

Swing by Coal Creek Armory today, and pick up a Gemtech for your favorite rifle or pistol - your ears will thank you!