Thursday, June 08, 2006

SHHH! Quiet. More New Gemtech Silencers Are IN!

Lineup of new sound suppressor designs are incredible - We just received the first batch of Gemtech SFN-57s, Blacksides, G5s, and of course, many more Outback IIs - the hottest little .22LR silencer to date.

Frst up was the light and compact Gemtech G5, the last word in a QD .223/5.56 Silencer. The simple and rugged Gemtech Quik-Mount mounting system, integral to an effective Phantom Flashider, makes attachment and removal take under a second.

No tools, no external threads or ratcheting teeth, no tiny springs or washers, just push and twist, and it's on. The silncer adds a mere 5.5 inches over all to any 5.56 weapons platform - and exceeds SOCOM requirements for sound suppression.

Now THAT's a compact 5.56 Silencer.
Mounted on the end of this 16" carbine,
the minor weight difference was negligible,
and still very manuverable.

The Gemtech SFN-57 and a Jarvis threaded barrel is the perfect compliment to the FN FivenSeveN Pistol - the only thing better than this high velocity, high capacity and low recoil pistol, is a much quieter one. Super light and handy, Factory sights clear the silencer body with no trouble, and the fit is drop-in, no permenant modification requiet to hush the 5.7x28 screamer to a "pop". Shooters who want a practical pest control pistol, and fans of Splinter Cell alike will apreciate the SFN-57 on their FiveSeveN.

The ultimate accessory for your FN Pistol.

Swing by Coal Creek Armory today, and pick up a Gemtech for your favorite rifle or pistol - your ears will thank you!

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