Tuesday, May 08, 2007

$899 Uniques - Colt SP1 AR15, Czech VZ-2000

One only of each, of course:

Czech VZ-2000, the Semi-Auto Ohio Ordnance VZ-58, new and unfired with 5 30 mags, box, cleaining kit, and sling. One of only 1000 imported. Perfect for filling that gap in your Czech firearms collection, or for owning the seemingly only Com-Bloc Assault Rifle that's certainly not just another boring AK. Short stroke piston, automatic bolt hold open, lightweight machined alloy reciever. $899And the old-school classic, the Colt SP1 AR15- first gen, with the tapered Flash Hider, 1/12 Pencil Barrel solid floorplate A1 buttstock, no-fence lower. Excellent condition, even considering it's 30+ years old. Of course, it's a pre-ban for those in AW Ban states - and also, it's a Colt. $899.
Get yours before someone else does!

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