Thursday, August 24, 2006

Now In Stock: Brommeland custom holsters!

Coal Creek Armory is pleased to announce that we are now a retail outlet for Gary Brommeland's fantastic custom holsters!

Pictured is a service-grade MaxCon 5 for the 1911; a fantastically comfortable inside-the-waistband holster, featuring widely-spread belt loops for stability and a slim profile, a shirt guard to keep clothing from getting snarled in the gun's safeties or hammer, and amazingly detailed boning for a "service-grade" holster.

(Incidentally, we also carry VZ Grips, such as the blasted black canvas micarta Gatorbacks shown on the pistol in the photo.)

These are well-made custom holsters at a price that competes with production items from Galco or Bianchi. Don't wait; pamper your carry piece today! MaxCon 5s for the 1911 are in stock now, with holsters for the Springfield XD, Glocks, and other guns arriving soon.

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