Friday, August 11, 2006

Custom pistolsmithing: Let us build one for you.

What do you do whan you have a full-size Colt 1991A1 that a gunsmith has left with a half-finished bobtail cut? Bring it to Coal Creek and let our professionals build it right, just the way you want!

The pistol shown here had its bobtail finished the right way, its barrel shortened to 4.5" to make a handier carry piece, "golf ball" texturing added to the frontstrap, Novak-cut XS Big Dot sights added, and a ceramic coating in Titanium Gray. Custom touches abound. Note the ultra-fine serrations on the Ed Brown grip safety at right.

Call or stop by today and consult with our gunsmiths. They'll help you make your dream gun a reality!

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