Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The NEW Trijicon Tripower, 5" Tactical XD 45ACPs!

The Xd 45ACP 5" is HERE!
You asked for the XD45 in .45ACP, with the 5 inch barrel and we have it. Get 14 rounds of .45ACP, in an incredibly comfortable and svelte package, and a full 5" barrel, and take advantage of all the additional sight radius and velocity!

Don't miss out on the most .45 ACP, in the least space, EVER. Mount a light/laser, and have the perfect bedside table pistol, or simply snap it into the included holster. Every XD45 is now shipping with a holster, mag case, and mag loader, so there's no excuse to not carry yours.

The New Trijicon Tripowers are back in stock!

Last time, they all sold out before I could even take a picture! Tijicon really went above and beyond on this sight, redesigning their existing model into what is probably the most failproof fast acquisition sight on the market. The new ones have better lens coatings, are all aluminum, making them tougher and brighter all-around. With fiber optics powering a clear, sharp chevron recticle in the light, and Tritium and battery backup for dark corners, there's always a fast, clear sight picture on your Tripower.

Think of it as a 1x ACOG, but with intelligent battery backup, a much brighter fiber optic, and the speed of a Red Dot, you'll get the idea- or come over and try one out in person.

Once again, Coal Creek Armory is the first to get the best equipment that you want.

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