Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cream of the Crop - A MK23 and more!

The latest shipment held all kinds of firearms deals - Including a
Limited Edition Desert Tan Heckler & Koch MK23!

When you consider that this MK23 SOCOM is only $1859, there's just no reason not to complete your firearms collection with this crown jewel.

Get it done right, the first time, with the best parts - Have us build YOUR next AR15!

Our Custom AR15 building is in full swing - we can accomodate any specs for your next AR15 rifle. This little gem has a 16" chrome lined L/w Bushmaster Barrel, 512 EOTech, Tangodown BattleGrip, ARMS #40 Low Profile Same Plane Rear Sight, Surefire M73 Handguards, VLTOR Collasible Stock, and Miculek Steel Charging Handle, and GG&G Vertical Front grip -for $1699!

Arsenal .223 M5 Rifles are in stock - these are some of the nicest AKs we've seen. All milled receivers, clean welds, adjustable sights, and a hundred other little details, that add up to one sweet shooter!


At long last, the wait for an affordable, reliable shotgun at a great price is OVER. SAIGA .410 shotguns are in stock NOW, with 12ga and 20ga on the way, and starting at $235!

We have also received more S&W M&P pistols, CZ 85 pistols for only $355, and Beretta PX4 pistols, in both 9mm and now 40 caliber!

Give us a call or drop an email, we have what you're looking for!

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