Friday, March 03, 2006

New Items - Colt 1911s, Mossbergs and more!

NIB Colt WWI Re-Issue 1911

Limited-run, and a perfect reissue of WWI Colt 1911! Beautiful Turnbull Carbona Bluing, and accurate right on down to the smallest detail, even the box, manual and grease-paper wrapped magazines. We didn't think we'd ever see any more of these, so act soon

Colt Lightweight Commander - 1968
It's not often you see a (nearly) 40-year-old pistol in this shape! This lightweight commader is almost perfect, and it's as classy as they come. If you've been wanting an original, old-school Colt Commander, don't let this one slip away.
CZ VZ2000
One of only a thousand in the country, the VZ2000 is lighter and handier than an AK. Unfired in the box, with 5 mags, this rifle is perfect to fill a niche in your military rifle collection.
NIB Mossberg Tactical .12ga
Mossberg puts everything you need, and nothing you don't, right on the gun, from the factory. With a solid, padded collapsible stock with pistol grip, you can fit this shotgun to any size shooter, or allow for body armor. This is your home defense shotgun.

NIB KelTec SU16 .223
Finally, a carbine that folds! Stow this handy and compact .223 rifle anywhere, behind the seat of a truck, on an ATV, anyplace a full-length rifle just won't fit. Don't go unarmed just because you're packing light!

STI Lexor .40S&W
This racegun is in perfect condition, and has 2 STI factory mags. This is an IPSC pistol you just can't pass up, and it's priced too low to list! You've never seen a Lexor this low!
Go ahead, email or call us. We'll do our best to make you a satisfied shooter, any way we can.

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