Friday, April 07, 2006

IT'S HERE! The FN PS90 HAS LANDED! Get your own Semi-auto P90!

At long last, Fabrique Nationale's PS90 has arrived! The semi-automatic, civilian legal version of the esteemed FN P90 has hit US shores, and is available now.

With a capacity of up to 50 rounds of 5.7x28 ammunition available, with almost no felt recoil, this carbine is a must-have.

Spare 50 round factory FN P90 magazines, and SS197, SS196, and SS197 5.7x28 ammunition are readily available to complete your loadout.

The PS90 carbine comes with a Tritium powered Crosshair reticle sight for quick acquisition, a must for any modern combat arm. Just look through, eyes open, and press the trigger.

We've handled it, and this is one sharp little carbine. Compact, handy, and high-capacity, the FN PS90 in a class of it's own. You've never owned a gun like this.

Call or email us today for an FNPS90 of your own! Don't miss out, the first shipment is already going fast.

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