Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to properly lubricate your GLOCK pistol

We have received mucho positive feedback about our recent AR15 lubrication primer, and were asked, 'Hey man, what's your secret to keeping a Glock pistol lubricated?" 

Well. Here is our tutorial on how to properly lubricate your Glock pistol:

Field strip your Glock (or similar) pistol like so. 
Clean all parts with a quailty solvent prior
to lubrication. 
For this tutorial we are using Lubrilate 130-A. 
You can use whichever gun lube you like. 

Place a small drop of lube forward of the ejection port.

 Smear it around until you get 100% coverage (over application for visual).

Small drop inside both rails keeps the slide running smoothly.

 Small drop on the barrel.

 And then rub it in to coat.

Small drop inside of the frame.

Small drop inside the lug and you're done.

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