Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How to properly lubricate your AR15 type rifle

Much has been said about what is and what is not the proper way to lubricate the AR15 type rifle. 

This tutorial will hopefully end much of the speculation and give you an easy to follow system that 
will result in a flawlessly functioning firearm. 

These are all the parts in an AR15/M16 that require proper lubrication. Clean them with quality solvent prior to lubrication. Our choice of lubrication varies, but for this demonstration we are using Lubriplate 130-A which is the Mil-Spec grease.
Next step, apply a light coating to the exterior of the bolt.

We like to apply a small drop to the firing pin retainer. It is not necessary.

Here is where most people miss the mark. There are small rails on the exterior of the carrier. They will be come more visible with use. Note the shiny areas along the top and bottom of the carrier.

Apply a small amount (once again more is applied for visual) along the carrier rails.

Rub it in until it leaves a slight coating.

Place a small drop at the tip of the charging handle where you see the shiny area(s).

Coat the charging handle. This is not a required step, but it lessens the wear on the handle as well as the upper and lessens the drag when charging the firearm.

The reassemble and enjoy a few thousand rounds of jam-free shooting.

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