Friday, November 12, 2010

Making Transfers Easier and Cheaper!

Buying a gun from a dealer or individual out of state? 

We've just made it easier and cheaper! 

The first thing you need to to is to purchase the firearm that you are wanting to get transferred in, we cannot do anything until the firearm has been purchased.

If you purchased the firearm from a dealer, you need to contact us with their fax number, along with the first 3 and the last 5 numbers of their FFL license number (for FFL verification), and then we will send them a  copy of our FFL.  The sending dealer also needs to include a copy of their FFL in the packaging with the shipment of your firearm, additionally they can send a copy of their FFL in an email at or fax us at 865-966-4500.  Note that sending a fax or email does not exempt you from sending a copy with the package when it is shipped.

If you purchased the gun from an individual, they do not need a copy of our FFL to send the firearm to us, nor will we send one to them.  Individuals need to include a legible photocopy of their drivers license in the package when they send the gun to us.  You need to get a tracking number from the company or individual that sent the firearm, we do not alert you when your gun has arrived so it is your responsibility to know where it is and when it gets here.  Once you see the firearm has been received by Coal Creek Armory, give us until 5pm of the day it arrives for us to get it booked in from our receiving department and ready for pickup.

Be sure to call before coming to make sure that your firearm is ready.  The transfer fee for a non-class III firearm is $25.00 plus the standard $10.00 background check associated with any firearm purchase.  Class III transfers are $100.00 per. If you have any questions about your transfer, please call us at 865-966-4545 prior to purchase.

We have a new service starting that will allow us to better inform you when your firearm has arrived in our store.  You may send a copy of the form below to the dealer you are purchasing the firearm from and have them fill it out or you may fill it out yourself.  Send the completed form to us via mail, email, or fax and it will make it easier for us to track your firearm and call you when the firearm is ready to be picked up.  We do appreciate your cooperation and hope that this will make the FFL transfers a much smoother process.

Coal Creek Armory FFL Transfer Form

Contact Information:
    10737 Dutchtown Road
    Att: Transfers
    Knoxville, Tennessee. 37932

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