Monday, November 12, 2007

MA DEUCE! The Big .50 Still Roars!

We've got another once-in-a-lifetime example of amazing craftsmanship here at Coal Creek Armory, again. It's an M2HB, the Model of 1921 Browning .50 Caliber Machinegun, by the AC Sparkplug division of General Motors! Fully automatic examples run over $30,000 by themselves, so only this one, for the express purpose of not wrecking your wallet, is a Semi Automatic Rifle, available to be taken home on a simple 4473, after a 5 minute background check, for much less money. This excellent example of WWII-Era craftsmanship includes a sturdy steel hand crank, for 100% legal Gatling-gun style action, allowing this semi-automatic rifle to be fired as fast as the crank can be turned- at 3 rounds per revolution, the length of the belt is the only limit to how much lead one can send downrange, as fast as a fully-automatic M2!

Browning's genius design, scaled up from his 1919 model Machinegun, has been in active use since 1921, the oldest General Issue Military Arm still in use today, in our theaters of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and here at home as well. Fully adaptable to left or right hand feed, with an effective range of well over a mile, and suitable for anything from Anti-Aircraft use, to simply having the most hugely impressive new toy at your next local machinegun shoot! This gun is 2- owner, well-cared for, and rarely used. Maintenance has been flawless, and frequent. The previous owner is local and can answer serious inquiries. The pictures do it no justice, you simply have to see and handle a gun this big in

This M2 is "Fully Loaded" with Ammunition and accessories. This package includes the M2HB itself, with pristine condition GI barrel, a matching spare GI Barrel, excellent condition GI internals, both an M3 Tripod(pictured here with ORF 1919A4, also for sale at $1175) and GI Jeep/HMMVW Mount, Traverse/Elevation Mount, M23 Cradle, Pintle, Pronged FH, M7 Linker/Delinker, Steel Hand Crank, and most importantly, the mother lode of Half inch ammunition, 2500 Rounds of Recent production, Belted Ball, APIT and Tracer!

At up to $5 per round for clean.50 BMG, without the links, that's roughly $12,5000 worth of feed for your new "Biggest Gun On The Block", making the rest of this package a complete steal at only $24,000. Today's ammunition prices are through the roof, and the best, in fact, the ONLY way to get your hands on that much .50 BMG at HALF of what it sells for today, is to get it from someone who bought it really cheap several years back! Don't buy one of these piece by piece, and spend much more to duplicate this complete setup, get the package discount on a complete M2HB, and save literally thousands on ammunition to feed it.

Don't miss out on your chance to finally own the biggest and baddest turf defender available without getting a destructive device - Call us at 865-966-4545 with any questions, or to take home the ONLY complete M2HB package we will have for sale this year. Don't delay, just get it!

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