Monday, January 16, 2006


Are you sick and tired of looking at your nasty pile of guns because you hate the smell of those nasty solvents?

Wife won't let you spread newspaper across the kitchen table to clean your babies?

Husband won't share his Hoppe's with you?

Or are you like me and just too dang lazy to find the motivation to do them all at one time?

Now you are in LUCK!

Coal Creek Armory is now offering the highest quality professional cleaning in the area. Deep soak ultra sonic cleaning for all types of guns! With this new process your firearms are cleaned in places you've never even thought to clean, you'll be amazed at how good your firearms can look! Most cleaning jobs are done in less than one hour!

Handgun cleaning starts at $10.00 per gun
Rifle and shotgun cleaning starting at $15.00 per gun

We'll even take that nasty cosmoline off of your SKS for just $20.00

Handguns, subguns, shotguns, rifles, belt fed machine guns, it doesn't matter what you have or how dirty they are! We will get them clean!

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