Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mail Call! Mk. II

From: "Brant Williams" <>
Date: December 9, 2011 11:48:50 PM EST
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Thank you.
As CCA is now helping us publicize Frontier Firearms’ new program,  may we assume that you’re boss has accepted my offer and is willing to help us hand out coupons for free TN Handgun Permit Classes for Knox County residents at his Knoxville store?   If so we are grateful.  

To be honest I was unsure how to reach CCA’s Knox county customers about our coupons for a FREE permit class.   Thus, you can imagine my delight when I saw that CCA is giving us a “leg up” by posting our program on the CCA blogs which are surely read mostly by CCA customers and or potential customers.  

On top of that having our coupons passed out right inside CCA’s store will beat the heck out of standing on the road side passing them out as people pull into CCA’s parking lot! LOL!   Seriously, if there is anything we can do to return the favors let me know. 

Trevor, since he appears predisposed to helping Frontier, I was wondering…  since Jonathon is held in such high esteem by other gun shop owners, do you think he would mind calling a few of the local shops in the Knoxville area on our behalf to ask them if they would distribute our coupons too.  I am sure you see the good sense in this.  After all the faster we get our program going the sooner CCA won’t have to waste valuable time with permit classes.  Based on what you told us when you worked at Frontier, the handgun classes are a big pain for CCA customers because they knock members and walk-in shooters off the range (too bad CCA doesn’t have two ranges in one building like we do).  

Also, the faster the handgun permit people are gone, the sooner CCA’s other shooters won’t need to contend with that old ventilation system overloading and choking people out each time three or four shooters fire at once.  (LMAO! a thought just hit me - it seems we are already doing CCA not one but TWO big favors – freeing up range time for your members AND helping make your range safer. LOL! Imagine that)

Anyway, how many of our coupons for our FREE CLASSES do you feel Jonathan will want to pass out at CCA Knoxville?  I was thinking maybe starting with 500 and I could bring more when those are gone.  Just let me know and I will personally drop them off along with some Claxton Fruit Cake and eggnog (yes, it’s that time of year and based the things you told us about Jonathan he really like the likes the Fruit cake).

Also, I am still waiting your thoughts on the Class III issue.  Last year you were adamant that it wouldn’t take much for Frontier to outperform CCA in this area.  I guess I should have listened, but as I said earlier I have always been reluctant to intentionally go after a market niche where another man had staked out a claim, but times change and sometimes one is forced by others into taking distasteful action….

Again thanks for helping us advertise our new program.
PS Please overlook my typos, omitted words and such.  I am not much of a typist and worse a proof reading my own stuff.
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