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From: "Brant Williams" <>
Date: December 9, 2011 2:15:27 PM EST
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Favor to ask

As you seem never to be busy, would you mind asking Jonathan if he would hand out our coupons (see below) at CCA.   We have already enlisted several Knoxville area gun shops to hand them out as “spiffs” to their customers, so I thought he might like to do the same - you know use the coupons as a kind of bonus for his Knoxville store customers.   
Anyway as it stands now by the end of the month most every gun shop in Knox County and the surrounding area with a good supply of these coupons.   Honestly, I have been more than a bit surprised how receptive the shop owners are to handing them out for us.  Once the program gets rolling it won’t be long before everyone in Knox County knows not to pay for their handgun permit classes. 
Also, tell Jonathan not to worry should he be concerned that we will fill our classes up with non-paying students.  Our classroom is certified by the Fire Marshal for 35 seats and limiting the number of freebies in each class to ten we will still have plenty of room for paying students.  Moreover, as you know as we have two ranges the classes don’t interfere with members and walk-in shooters.
It’s funny but until CCA began offering free classes in our market area I would have never dreamed of doing such a thing.  But I think in the end it will really help Frontier because it should bring a lot of Knox County residents to us that might otherwise have gone to CCA. 
One thing that bothers me though – as no one has ever done free classes for Knox County residents I fear that our doing so may really limit CCA’s ability to sell permit classes.  Here in Roane County the RCSO has done free classes for years and it hasn’t hurt us.  However, I would hate to find out when all the gun shops in Knox County and surrounding areas start handing out our free coupons that it cuts into the number of permit classes sold at CCA Knoxville.  
Trevor, you know that I have never operated my business in order to hurt others but it seems my hand has been forced (as an aside we trying to decide whether or not to apply for our Class III – as I told you before when you tried to talk me into going Class III that I didn’t want to “break  another man’s rice bowl” i.e. mess with another man’s livelihood intentionally but it seems the situation has changed now and I must alter my thinking on such matters – what do you think?).
Anyway, let me know what your boss says – whether he wants me to drop some coupons off or not.  Let me know ASAP as I sending the art printers on Monday (figure we will start off with 2,500 coupons but will get more if he decides to hand them in his store).

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