Thursday, November 03, 2011

CCA Custom 1911

Handcrafted Excellence. 

A Zero-Compromise Pistol.

The CCA Invictus 1911 represents exhaustive testing and careful selection of the best possible parts for the 1911. 

With the highest level of quality in both manufacturing and fitting,  the Invictus is the only semi-custom defensive 1911 excellent enough to carry the Coal Creek Armory name and logo. 

Each Invictus is carefully built, one at a time, by our master gunsmiths, and tested for complete reliability and accuracy before it reaches its discerning owner. The ultimate realization of the 1911 handgun legacy had finally arrived.

Specifications - Limited Options Available:

* Hand fitted Oversize 5" Slide w/Ball End Mill Cut
* Government Model WWI Style Frame
* Fitted Match Barrel and Bushing
* Fitted Beavertail
* Heine/Novak/GI Low-Mount Sights
* Cylinder & Slide Stop, Mag Release, Small Parts
* Exclusive Corrosion-Proof Isonite Finish - 60+ Rockwell

Other Options Available


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