Monday, October 10, 2005


We have just gotten in our third shipment of these pistols and they FLY off of the shelves. I was wondering why so many people come in, pick one up and decide they MUST have it, so I took a little time this morning to examine and evaluate this pistol a little more. This is the first Beretta that I have seen that "gets it right." The slide work and controls are in the proper place for just about any hand size and the grip feels secure when drawn. The main thing I like about it is that it is just the perfect size combination for a true defensive pistol. Ambi safety, front and rear slide serrations and a light rail that really works make this a "no brainer" for many.
The 17+1 round magazine gives you more than ample firepower, while the shorter slide makes concealment a breeze. Accuracy is right on the button and the weight of the trigger is just perfect. I could go on and on talking about my new found love of this pistol, but I'll let you decide when you come in and look one over for yourself.

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